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A group of diverse children forming a support tower.

Welcome Parents, Children, and Youth!

Ours is a diverse and liberal spiritual community that is rich in history. Being the oldest Unitarian Universalist church in the South we have the privilege of being in an amazing sanctuary, with a churchyard and social hall that are unique to our faith and to Charleston. Our youth and children are just as unique and special. We offer Religious Education classes for children three years old through high school. A nursery is provided for babies and toddlers under the age of three.

We provide opportunities for our children to grow. We offer a foundation for their ethical and spiritual development, a sense of self worth, and respect for others. We nurture their Unitarian Universalist identities and connect them to our multicultural, global community. We want our older youth to live out their UU values. By offering them effective skills in decision-making, leadership, and spiritual grounding in a liberal faith community-we hope to empower them as confident young adults.

To download our Safe Church Policy, Registration Forms, and more, please click here.

Please join us in our journey. If you would like more information about the services we provide for families, children, and youth, contact me at the church (843-723-4617) or by email at

Janet Watts, Director of Religious Education


Our 2011 Religious Education Classes (photo by Tony Diz)

Our 2011 Religious Education Classes
(photo by Tony Diz)

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We hope that as parents you will all take an active interest in your child's religious education. This is not necessarily a complicated task, but it is time consuming. The topics and principles that we introduce on Sunday mornings will have a greater and longer-lasting effect if they are reinforced at home. Morals and values are often "caught not taught".


You can:

  • encourage prompt and regular attendance each Sunday
  • introduce yourself to teachers— ask questions and take an active interest
  • let your children know your thoughts, opinions and values
  • put your beliefs into practice together-- you may both learn something 

Parents new to Unitarian Universalism are encouraged to attend a "Pathways to Membership" series of classes offered several times a year that introduces adults to the history and theological foundation of this religious movement. It is essential that parents make every effort to bring their children on a regular basis. Children who attend church consistently build friendships (with amazing kids), experience the curriculum and have more fun.


While some non-parents also teach, our program could not survive without parents taking a major role. If teaching is not possible we ask that you seek out the many other volunteer opportunities available in our program.

Accommodating Children with Special Needs

We welcome all children into our program as all children are spiritual beings. Some need more attention, personal space, or understanding because of special circumstances. Specific support may be needed to make their RE experience successful. The RE program will make every effort to accommodate children in their classes. Please let us know your child’s special needs so that we can help them have a successful experience in our program. It is our intention to support each child/youth as a part of our family.

If there are particular ways we can help your child so that his/her experience is as positive as possible, please note details on the registration form or arrange for a direct conversation with the Director of Religious Education.


A diverse team of children holding stars.  

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Our objectives in behavior management are directed towards developing skills necessary for religious education participation, according to students’ maturity and experiences in order to:

  1. Be in a physically and emotionally safe environment for all
  2. Develop positive relationships with others
  3. Solve problems successfully
  4. Become contributing members of the community
  5. Recognize when their actions are interfering with the rights of others
  6. Recognize their rights within the limits of society
  7. Respect property rights of others
  8. Understand and appreciate differences among people
  9. Develop a sense of responsibility for their actions and an awareness of probable consequences
  10. Experience spiritual growth through a free and responsible search for truth and meaning

We believe…

  • The church and home/family work as partners to prevent and resolve problems.
  • The most effective behavior management is the result of positive prevention rather than negative punishment.
  • Simpler solutions to problems should be exhausted before proceeding to other steps.

We have been fortunate to have very few behavior problems in our RE program. We credit this to saintly children, patient teachers, and clear guidelines so that everyone knows the behavior expected in the classroom and the social environment of the church.

Within the classroom our teachers follow these actions:
1. The child and teacher will discuss the behavior and possible solutions. Adults remind the child of the agreed-upon solution as necessary. Intervention at this stage solves most difficulties with doses of distraction or additional attention.
2. If the behavior continues, the individual is taken to the Director of RE for the remainder of the class. The DRE will meet with parents.
3. Any further problems will follow steps one and two, but if no satisfaction is reached, the teacher, parents, DRE and child will meet.
4. If all these efforts have been unsuccessful in improving the child’s behavior, the child will lose the privilege of attending our RE classes for a month and we encourage him/her to attend church with his/her family. We have never had to use this unfortunate final step.

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