Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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"CoffeeHouse" evenings are events, always a live performance, that are open to the public.  Tickets are inexpensive and a good time is to be had by all.  Please come along, bring your friends, make some new ones, and in doing so, you will be supporting a good cause too  -- all proceeds goes to helping "Children in Need" in the Greater Charleston area.  We have supported after school enrichment programs for inner city children for 12 years -- over $60,000!!! 

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The Gage Hall Coffeehouse     


Susan Conant and Porto Seguro


SATURDAY, November 15, 2014

7:30 PM, GAGE Hall 


Porto Seguro plays Brazilian choro and bossa nova. Fun, laid back, rhythmic and soulful, the music is the perfect complement to a great cup of coffee! Make sure to share this session with your friends 'cause it will make your feet dance, your body groove and your smile shine. Porto Seguro, led by Rio native, Tom Noren - guitar (plus members Susan Conant, flutes; John Holenko, mandolin and Jonathan Gray, bass); has been having about the most fun musicians can have mastering these great tunes and making them their own


Brazilian choro music developed in the early 20th century. With parallels to American ragtime, the instrumental genre melds European melody with Afro-Brazilian rhythm and requires virtuosic playing and quick improvisation. Bossa nova (meaning new trend) which developed mid-century, combines samba, jazz and blues to produce a distinctively Brazilian sound. Some people say that while American jazz swings from front to back, bossa nova sways from side to side. 

$15 Donation at the door. Doors Open at 7:00 p.m.



Profits from all Gage Hall Coffeehouses support academic enrichment activities in Charleston area elementary schools. Gage Hall is located at 4 Archdale Street. Suggested donation of $15 for Adults; $5 for Students. Coffee, donated by In Good Taste, sodas, home baked desserts. Parking across the street and behind Gage Hall.  Call 224-4472 or 367-9663 for information 



What We Do With the Money!   

The Social Justice Committee at the Unitarian Church in Charleston has stepped in, raising money to help level the academic playing field. This year, they are sponsoring weekly enrichment programs at Charleston Progressive, James Simons, Mitchell and Elementary schools. Just this month they went to Cypress Gardens -- Look at the wonderment in their eyes!!

Click here to read more about the beginnings of the UCC Social Justice programs and the results...

Coffeehouse Managers, you will want both this Manager Document and the duty Sign Up Sheet. They are MS Word documents in the "docx" format.  Coffehouse 2014 Managers are:

September:  Mark Farham

October:  Bill Morris

November:  Richard Hayes


2014/2015 Season at Gage Hall   

 We have a great 2014/2015 Season!!!!

Sept 20:  The Orpheus Supertones

Oct 18 :   Moonlight Ale  Open

Nov 15    Porto Seguro (Susan Conant's Brazilian                       band)

Jan 17:    Hungry Monks 

 ..Join us with the best acoustic music in Charleston!!
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