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The 2015–2016 Stewardship Campaign


Our church, The Unitarian Church in Charleston, is the spiritual home for a wonderfully diverse and multicultural group of men, women and children of all ages.  

It is here where we freely and openly foster our spiritual curiosity.

It is here where we work together for justice for all.

It is here where we celebrate the beauty within everyone and everything.

It is here where we are uplifted, inspired and dramatically transformed every day.

It is here where we are truly agents for change.  

It is here where we can dream together.

It is here where dreams really do come true.


So as we reach out to each other during our annual Stewardship Campaign, let us continue to celebrate, let us continue to transform, let us continue to dream together.




During the 2014–2015 Stewardship Campaign, both members and friends of our church will make their financial pledges that will provide the general funds to pay the normal expenses of salaries, utilities, insurance and maintenance.  Additionally, these funds will enable us to provide religious education programming for our children and allow us to carry out our many social justice programs.


Our pledges provide our leadership with critical information that enables them to prepare a budget for our next fiscal year.

Please seriously consider your dreams for our church and pledge as generously as you can to make those dreams come true.


This year our Stewardship Team members will be reaching out to every church member to schedule a personal visit and they will bring you a personalized pledge card at that time or you can request that a pledge card be sent to you.

Promptly completing and returning pledge cards is extremely important as it is the only way that our leadership can adequately plan for the coming year.

When you have filled out your pledge card, you may return it to the member of our Stewardship Team who brought it to you, place it in the collection plate at church or mail it back at your earliest convenience.




If you are paying your pledge by check, please be sure to write on the check’s memo line that the payment is for your 2015-2016 pledge.  If you are paying by cash, please use an envelope and include a similar note.


You can now pay your pledge online using a credit or debit card and you can designate whether you want your pledge to be paid at one time or over time (“Scheduled Pledge”: once a month, twice a month, weekly or bi-weekly). 

We have made online credit card payments really easy.   Click on the ONLINE GIVING tab   You will be asked to fill out a quick and simple registration form (your name, address, phone number, email address) and to create a password.  You will then automatically be enrolled to use your credit or debit card online to pay your pledge.



If you do elect to pay your pledge by donating stock, please notify our Treasurer as soon as you instruct your broker to transfer the stock.  Some stock brokerage firms transfer the stock the same day you request it.  Others may take a few days.  Upon prior notification, our Treasurer will watch for the stock to appear in the church’s account so that it can be sold promptly.  

The main advantage of paying your pledge with stock, assuming that your stock has appreciated in value, is that you get a tax deduction based on the fair market value of the stock as of the date of donation and you do not incur a tax liability based upon the appreciation in the value of the stock.

When you transfer stock to the church you will be entitled to an income tax deduction based upon the average of the high and low prices of the stock on the date it is transferred from your account.  Please note that the day it is transferred from your account may be a different day than the day it is transferred into the church’s account and the day the church sells it.

The church will credit towards your pledge the fair market value of your donated stock as of the day it is transferred into the church’s account. 

You should seek the advice of your personal tax advisor prior to donating any stock to the church.




Pledges - 70%

Rents - 15%

Auction - 6%

Offering Plate - 5%

Endowment and Other - 4%




Salaries and Benefits - 62% We pay our staff Fare Share wages,

Utilities, Insurance and Maintenance - 15% We take great pride in maintaining our historical buildings and grounds. 

Reserves and Carryover - 9% We strictly manage the financial gifts we are given.

Denomination Dues - 6% We fully support the UUA and pay our Fair Share.

Religious Education, Music and Committees - 4% We provide a liberal and broad based religious education to our children, we provide an inspiring music program to our congregation and we provide an opportunity for all of our members to participate in active and meaningful committees.

Office and Misc. - 4% We maintain a minimal overhead.

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