Docent Presentation

Saturday, June 3, 9:00 a.m.

Lower Gage Hall

Morgan Granger, who has just received her MS in Historic Preservation from Clemson and the College of Charleston, and holds a Joint Honors MA in the History of Art and Architecture from the University of Edinburgh will be our speaker. The following is an abstract of her thesis that she will present to us on June 3rd:

“This thesis explores and analyzes the structural forms and construction methods of the suspended frame vaulting systems of two nineteenth century church buildings in Charleston, South Carolina. The research documented the roof and vaulting systems of Grace Church Cathedral and the Unitarian Church of Charleston through photogrammetry and laser scanning. Both Grace Church and the Unitarian Church were documented through photogrammetry and laser scanning. Following documentation, the buildings were analyzed to develop framing schedules which chart the framing members, their frequency, dimensions, and joinery for each roof and vault system. This analysis allowed for an understanding of construction methods and demonstrated how the roof systems evolved over time. The thesis provides thorough documentation of the two structures, an analysis of their structural forms and construction systems, and establishes their significance.”

Ms. Granger will limit her discussion to our church during her presentation. If you are a member of the following committees, you will find the presentation of interest: Docents, Archives, Landmark, Buildings and Grounds, Vestry, and Churchyard. Interestingly, another graduate student from the same program has chosen the Sanctuary foundation for his thesis and has started the documentation process. These investigations will provide a wealth of information about the health of our sanctuary and what we need to do to maintain it as well as authenticating its’ history. I hope you can join us on June 3rd.