CAJM Potluck

As the Church year and the school year start, so does CAJM’s year.

September will see a series of House Meetings where CAJM team members and anyone else interested in contributing to CAJM’s efforts to correct social injustice can attend.  Team Leaders have already scheduled their House Meetings.  If you haven’t heard from them yet, they will contact you soon.

There will be a Potluck supper in Gage Hall at 6 pm on Thursday, September 28, for anyone interested in learning more, and for those Team Members and friends who missed their Team Leader’s House Meeting.

With all the social unrest in the country, and even here in Charleston, it is an appropriate time for CAJM members to set our sights on what our goals should be for the coming year.  Your participation in setting those goals, researching the issues and answers, and helping to define and carry out best practices, is essential.  Won’t you join us?