Meet Our Newest Members! Spring 2016

Edie Allen and Art Graham, live on James Island and were led to our church by members Nancy Groh and Tony Brown. Edie is the owner of Om & Lotus, a boutique healing business that specializes in overcoming trauma and teaching empowerment tools via various healing modalities in private & small group sessions, as well as holistic workshops and retreats. She is also a professional voice-over talent and actress.  Art is Vice President of Sales of library automation systems and has a 21 yr. old daughter, Haley. Together, they own a Continue reading →

Interested in Joining?

Membership in the Unitarian Church in Charleston is open to all who choose to walk with us in the spirit of love and in the search for truth.  We have no creedal requirements for membership.  To become a member one completes the Pathways Class and signs the Membership Book in the presence of the minister and an officer of the church.  New Members are welcomed into the congregation with a ceremony during church services three times per year. With Membership comes privileges and responsibilities. Members Continue reading →