Docent Committee

Co-Chair: Tom Hartry:; 225-1439 Co-Chair: Maureen Kelly:; 559-1379 Schedule Coordinator: Susan Robinson:; 330-9061 Mission:  The Mission of the Docent Committee is to share the history and beauty of our church with visitors, members of the church and the Charleston community. Meeting Logistics:  Docents are on hand and the church is open for tours each Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and on second Sundays from noon to 3:00 p.m. We have not determined whether, given the new HVAC system, we will Continue reading →

The Endowment Investment Board

Chair: Bill Finn:; 416-8951 Mission:   The Endowment Fund is formally recognized as the Fund which accepts gifts which are primarily to be used for the long-term vitality and financial health of the Church community.  Principal in the Endowment Fund will be protected on an inflation-adjusted basis according to the specifics laid out in its policy. Upon at least a majority of those voting at an officially-called meeting of the congregation: Portions or the entirety of the Endowment Fund (including protected principal) can be committed Continue reading →

Finance Committee

Chair: Richard Hayes:; 225-1882 Chair of Planned Giving: Bill Walsh:; 856-0294 Mission:  The Finance Committee, in conjunction with the Treasurer, oversees the church’s finances,  provides advice to the Vestry and the Congregation on the church’s finances and controls the church’s finances in accordance with decisions by the Vestry and the Congregation. Meeting Logistics:   The committee meets monthly on the second Sunday at 12:15 p.m. (GH4) Activities:   Review monthly financial reports, prepare annual budget, oversee the Investment Committee, assist with the Endowment Committee, oversee church debt, insurance coverage, Continue reading →

Hospitality Committee

Chair:  Sue Prazak:; 766-0274 The hospitality committee oversees coffee hour in Gage Hall after church. Members make sure that materials needed for coffee, tea and punch are in the Gage Hall kitchen so that the sexton can set up for coffee. Members frequently provide baked goods as well.  This committee is comprised of several subcommittees all of whom make Sunday Services a special time for our community.           


Contact: Prudence Finn:; 722-1993 Each week the front of our sanctuary is graced with flowers that are given by members and friends. Often these gifts are used to celebrate or mark an occasion such as an anniversary or as a memorial. Logistics/Contact:  Congregants are asked to sign up for a service on the Flower Chart in Gage Hall or to contact Prudence Finn at; 722-1993  

The Dan Ford Men’s Group

Contact:  John Narkunas:; 849-0726 Mission: For thoughtful men to come together on a regular basis and share their life concerns, interests, and hopes for the future. Specifically, to provide emotional support, foster bonding, social interaction, and grow as individuals from group discussion and activities. Key Principles: Confidentiality: Outside the group, some information may be shared anonymously (e.g. what topics were discussed, in general), but not personalized. Sharing:  By giving and receiving  – through the sharing of our thoughts and experiences. Support:  Support will entail Continue reading →

Sunday Stewards

Chair: Beverly Birkhimer:; 849-7529 Mission:  Stewards work at each Sunday service to oversee all money that is collected. After the collection, Stewards count all funds received, record checks, and insure that they are safely deposited in the office. Logistics:  One steward works at each Sunday service and at the Christmas and Thanksgiving services. Special Skills: Dependable, pays attention to details, counts money, and maintains confidentiality about any information given by donors.  

Tai Chi

contact Kaye Finch:; 906-1477 Tai chi is an ancient form of gentle slow movements that can benefit almost anyone of any age. Research has demonstrated many physical and psychological benefits for regular practitioners. Tai chi is taught in Gage Hall on Wednesday mornings at 11 a.m. Class is about one hour long. Comfortable clothes and shoes, socks or slippers that allow you to swivel on the balls of your feet should be worn. Students of all levels are welcome.  


Contact: Heather Chumley Jones at Yoga for all levels.  Sessions will be held once a month on Sundays in Gage Hall after coffee hour.  See Gateway for specific dates.  


Here are podcasts of Danny Reed sermons.