Flowers on Sunday

Each week the front of our sanctuary is graced with flowers that are given by members and friends. Often these gifts are used to celebrate or mark an occasion such as an anniversary or as a memorial. Click here to bring flowers to a Sunday service.

Volunteering With Religious Education

Contact: RE Director, Janet Watts:; 723-4617 Teams of volunteers lead classes, with assistance from the Religious Education Director. Each class has a minimum of two adults in the classroom at all times; alternately, one is in the “lead teacher” position, and one in an “assistant” position.  The lead teacher, working with a pre-created lesson plan, facilitates the lesson for the class, having books and craft materials at the ready.  The assistant helps children needing special attention, records attendance and supervises clean-up. Classes range from Continue reading →

Become a Docent!

Docents help give tours and uphold the history of the church.