Churchyard Committee

Chair: Bob Jontos:; 376-4576

Mission:  The mission of the Churchyard Committee is to be good stewards of the gravesites, plantings, pathways and grounds of the church. The committee pledges to maintain the beauty, character and safety of the churchyard, while holding the utmost respect for those laid to rest therein.

Meeting Logistics:  Eden Keepers, as the group is called, hold a Churchyard Work Party on the first Saturday morning of the month. The committee meets on second Mondays at

5:30 p.m. to discuss Churchyard issues.

Activities: Work in the Churchyard on the first Saturday of each month from

9:00 a.m.—noon.  Weeding, clipping, and cleaning. We have a potluck lunch after working.  Everybody brings something and we share. Five fish and two loaves!