Communications Committee

Chair: Richard Hayes:; 225-1882

Mission:  The Communications Committee guides the Church’s internal and external communications and develops effective PR opportunities. The goal of all communications is to promote the life and well-being of the Church; and to keep members, friends and the community informed about who we are, what we believe, what we have and hope to accomplish, and how to be involved in Church functions and activities. Toward that end, the purpose of all communications is to ensure that material published under the auspices of the Church supports and enhances Church life and is congruous with Unitarian Universalist principles.  The committee supports the Office Administrator who is in charge of internal church communications (emails, church bulletins, phone lists, standard graphics on church literature and documents),  supports the internal communications process primarily through the web page and supports external communications, in conjunction with the Minister, Office Administrator, and Vestry.

Meeting Logistics:  Meet the 1st Sunday of the month 12:15 p.m. (GH4)

Activities:  Distribute Church “messages”, upkeep of the church web site –, dissemination of information through FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media, record and publish podcasts of church services, church advertising, articles in local newspapers, Gage Hall Bulletin Boards, provide support to Church Committees

Helpful Skills:   Knowledge of PR practices, good writing or editing skills, creativity, knowledge of web systems is helpful, but most important is an enthusiasm for the church and the church community.