The Study of Religion

January 15, 22, 29, February 5, 12 and 19 1:00 p.m., Lower Gage Hall

Lee Westbrock will discuss how scholars study religion.  What are they hoping to learn about the human condition as expressed in religious practice and belief?  This course is an introduction to how scholars study religion with The Teaching Companies’ seven DVD lectures by professor Charles Jones of Catholic University of America.  Each session will consist of a thirty-minute lecture and a sixty-minute discussion.

The first three lectures cover the early history of religious studies which began in the sixteenth century as theologians began to pull away from theology and look at religions worldwide.  This process was completed when David Hume published “Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion” in the eighteenth century.

We will also hear about the work of:

William James: What is the religious experience?

Sigmund Freud: Views on religion taken from Totem and Taboo.

Carl Jung: How does religious belief affect the human mind?

We recommend that you enjoy a leisurely lunch after church at a nearby restaurant or bring a picnic to enjoy in the churchyard and then come participate in this exciting new offering.

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