Music & Choir at UUChs

The Unitarian Church supports an enthusiastic and wide-ranging music program. Music at the Unitarian Church in Charleston is an important outlet for actively participating in our community and worship services. Instrumental music, anthems and hymn choices represent a wide range of musical styles and texts, reflecting the diverse nature of our congregation and Unitarian principles.

We have a number of ensembles and opportunities for music lovers to get involved including our Adult Choir, Intergenerational Choir, Music Committee, special music opportunities and concerts.  Follow the link to learn more about Music at UC-Chs and how you can join in.

Candlelight Concerts

The primary Social Justice activity of the Music Committee is the Candlelight Concerts which raises money for an elementary school music program. In the past, proceeds have benefited James Simons School.
To find out more or volunteer, please contact Co-Chairs Sally Newell:; 843-224-7516 or Claire Law:; 401-885-8611.

Music Committee

Mission:  The Music Committee supports the music program of the church, provides community outreach through the Candlelight Concerts, and supports young musicians enrolled in the RE program through annual Martha Welch scholarships.

Meeting Logistics: The co-chairs and Music Director communicate regularly via email, and the committee meets on a monthly basis, excluding December.

Activities:  Coordinates Candlelight Concerts during the regular church year and donating the  proceeds to an impoverished elementary school in the Charleston County School District, conducts auditions for the Martha Welch scholarship, supports the Music Director by providing feedback as requested, manages the search for a Music Director as needed, and oversees the stewardship and upkeep of the church’s musical instruments.

Ways to Serve:  Create proposals, programs, manage public relations and marketing and maintain appropriate correspondence.

Helpful Skills:   Music knowledge and experience, organizational skills, computer skills.

Co-Chairs:  Sally Newell:; 843-884-1755 and Claire Law:; 401-885-8611