Red Tent Women’s Group

Contact: Danica Todd:

Red tent is a women’s support group and gathering, meeting the first Sunday of every month upstairs in Gage Hall at 6:00 p.m.  The mission is to create a secular space where all women can come and be supported by their community. We open our time together by sitting in a circle and having a traditional talking circle.  The circle symbolizes that there is no hierarchy in the tent.  It symbolizes a safe space to share your life with us without judgment.  When we are in the circle the only person who speaks is the person with the talking feather.  If you decide to speak you can talk about any subject you wish.  We will sit silently, as a witness to your life and give you the time to talk it all out and figure out what is your next step all on your own.

After everyone has had a chance to speak, we close the circle and spend what remaining time we have together sharing food, bonding and renewing for the following month.  You can bring something with you that serves your soul individually or the tent as a whole.  For example, a book, knitting, crocheting, writing/ journaling, crafting, painting, instruments, stuff for scalp massages, henna, the possibilities are endless.

What you will need to bring with you is your Red Tent Bundle.  It needs to include, a cushion to sit on and a tea light/ votive for the talking circle, and  a dish to share & your own dishes for community time.  Additionally anything that you would like to do during community time for yourself, or for everyone.