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Sunday, February 26      

Pinafore: Class Struggle in Victorian England,” Lee Westbrock, Member

Following on from Lee’s well-received forum last year on Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado, here he will use clips from another classic Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, HMS Pinafore, to discuss issues of class stratification in Victorian England.   

March 5th  Kristen Moldenhauer “BeSMART: A Conversation about Kids, Guns, and Safety”
Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America has developed a framework to help parents and adults prevent child gun death and injuries. We will discuss the current gun violence problem in America, safety as an adult responsibility, recognizing the risks of teen suicide, and how to best protect our children.
As a public school teacher and the mother of two young children, I was deeply affected by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. I knew that the stakes were too high to stay silent and I felt compelled to take action to protect my children and my community. I found Moms Demand Action and have been working with them to make a difference in our Charleston community.
My presentation will be a 20 min PowerPoint. I will bring my laptop, and will only need a HDMI connection (either a projector or a TV with HDMI port will work).
March 12th Mike Seekings (Chas City Council) “What’s Happening with Transportation in Charleston?”
City Councilman and CARTA Chairman Mike Seekings will share the latest developments with local public transit, expansion of bicycle and pedestrian options, road repairs, and reduction of emissions/improvement of air quality.  Councilman Seekings will update participants regarding plans for implementation of recently approved half-cent sales tax.
March 19th  John Preston—John ran out of time for any q&a in his January presentation of his “Vision for 2020,” but his presentation contained so many hot-topic ideas from energy policy to healthcare to CEO pay and taxes, that we have invited him back to field a general discussion of his proposals. John’s “Vision for 2020” will be posted on the UUC web-site so everyone can come to the discussion primed to talk and to ask questions—our favorite UU pastime.  Click here for a you tube presentation.
March 26th
Claire Wofford  What to Look for in a Trump-Era Supreme Court. Dr Claire Wofford is a professor in the College of Charleston’s Political Science department with special expertise in the United States Supreme Court.
April 2nd  TBA
April 9th Tim Terry “Fresh Start Vision” Tim is a convicted murderer who served fifteen years in prison and who, upon his release, started a ministry called “Fresh Start Vision” that has won accolades from wardens and prisoners all over the state. The program sets  former prisoners up in transitional homes  and provides training and employment opportunities. Mr Terry has a dynamic story, and is a dynamic speaker.