A Very Special Thanksgiving Dinners for Fun!

This year we are expanding our Dinners for Fun to include Thanksgiving Dinner in members’ homes rather than Gage Hall. Thanksgiving is the biggest family holiday of the year and our UU-CHS congregation is family to many of us. Several members are opening up their homes this year to members who want to spend this special meal with “family.” Many of the homes involved will be celebrating with their own family and friends but have graciously found room for a few more and, in others, UU-CHS’s will be the sole guests. Hosts have been asked to provide the turkey and dressing, and guests will fill in the rest with their family favorite dishes and desserts as we do at Dinners for Fun. Guests will provide their own libations and might bring enough to share with others at the dinner table. We still need more hosts and will start collecting guests’ names this weekend.  Separate sign-up sheets for Hosts and Guests will be at the Information Table in Gage Hall or you can email me: Please note: there are a limited number of seats at the table.