Sunday, November 12

11 am

“The State We’re In”

Rev. Danny Reed

A year ago we were coming to terms with a new president-elect. That reckoning continues. What have we come through and what have we learned? The congregation is encouraged to respond to those questions. Send to (The request is sincere, Rev. Danny wants to hear from you).



                                                                                           November 19                                                                                            

“Harvest Sunday”

Rev. Danny Reed

A service of gratitude and a celebration of Thanksgiving, complete with cider and corn bread prepared by church families. Come and let us give thanks together. Remember to bring hardy vegetables or canned goods to fill our cornucopia and later donate to local outreach agencies.


November 26    

“Changing the Words: An Enlightening Tour of Favorite UU Hymns and Hymn Books”              

 Worship Services Committee

“A hymn book represents the theological self-understanding of a religious movement in a particular moment in history.” What statements do these hymns make about our common values and beliefs? What are the roots of these hymns and how have they changed over time? Come sing along with us as we Sing The Living Tradition.




10 am, Gage Hall

                                                                      “John Macaulay, Author of Unitarianism in the Antebellum South”                                                                             John Newell, Member and Chair of Bicentennial Committee  

Faced with a Southern orthodoxy that erroneously labeled them “Deists” and associated them with the growing antislavery cause of their Northern counterparts, Southern Unitarians held on collectively as long as they could.  Out of seven urban churches in the Old South, only Charleston and New Orleans survived on the eve of the Civil War.

And yet, Southern Unitarians survived, and even thrived, casting a shadow of influence on the South much greater than their collective size and individual numbers.  But how did they overcome these odds, move from foe to friend, and shift from rival to neighbor? How could a Unitarian mayor be voted into office for six terms in Savannah, Georgia? How could Unitarian ministers in Charleston and New Orleans come to be revered and respected by even the most notable Presbyterian divines?


                      November 19                       

“Game Plan for Estate Planning” 

Heather N. Aydlette, CPA partner with Hyland,  Ruddy & Garrett, CPAs, LLC           

Estate planning on your own can be complicated and costly – and sometimes frustrating and intimidating.  Thoughts of estate planning often bring more questions than answers.  Come hear Heather sort through some issues.