Worship Committee

Mission:  The Worship Committee enhances a portion of the services throughout the church year in the spirit of enlightenment, to nurture the body, mind, and soul of our congregation. It also partners with the congregation to provide feedback on services to the Minister and to act as a sounding board for the Worship Committee’s own services.

Meeting Logistics:  Meetings are the third Sunday of the month at 12:30 p.m. (GH3)

Activities:  Prepares and conducts eight (8) services throughout the church year. This may involve coordinating the service for guest speakers or our own committee persons. Assists the Minister with regular services, at his request, involving readings, announcements, or other portions of the service.  In addition, the Worship Committee is responsible for all of the summer services, which are held in Gage Hall. These are lay-led and are more experimental in nature.

Ways to Serve: Be prepared to work with the Choir, Music Committee, Forum, Stewards, Hospitality Committee, and invited speakers to enhance services and programs.

Helpful Skills:  Ability to speak well and clearly and generally to be available Sunday mornings to assist with the services, if needed. Any knowledge about the function of the sound system during the services would be extremely helpful. Training for this function will be made available to each member.

Chair: Priscilla Shumway:  Chair: priscilla.shumway@gmail.com; 843-425-1850

Co-Chair: Bernadette Victor: bernadette111@comcast.net; 843-343-9288